woensdag 4 juni 2008

Ballerina's op flanelvloer

In het kader van de TAST-uitdaging (zie bericht van gister), heb ik verder geëxperimenteerd met de flanelsteek. In combinatie met het ballerinamotiefje van de blog Dancefactory is het een geslaagd geheel geworden, vind ik.

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Ayumi zei

Hello,My name is Ayumi from Japan.
Thank you very much for stitching my free chart.
Your work is very pretty!!

By the way, did you contribute the comment to my blog the other day?
I have misunderstood the comment contributed by the foreign people with spam contribution, and have deleted it. Because I got to know that its blog was introduced on the foreign website (URL:http://lagattac.blogspot.com/) for the first time today!
I am reflecting on having read the contents of those comments more carefully.

To others, I have distributed the free charts of ballet, such as a "The Nutcracker" and "Giselle."
I am also making the web graphics on the theme of ballet. Please visit my website, if you are interested!