woensdag 15 april 2009

Tulpen klaar!

In de zon was dit borduurtje in een ommezien af. De stiksteekjes waren eigenlijk zo gepiept. Mooi hè?

5 opmerkingen:

Miss 376 zei

this is a lovely piece of stitching, the glass of water is so realistic

Annette zei

Heel mooi.

Miss Lady Grey zei

That is beautiful.
Is there any chance you can post the pattern, or post a link to where I could get the pattern?

Yoyo zei

This is really lovely. Can you tell us the designer and design name, I'd like to do this one too.

Miriam zei

The tulips are published in a book called "Cross Stitch Flowers, inspirational ideas for creating beautiful cards & gifts" by Sue Whiting. It is published by Kandour Ltd in the United Kingdom in 2006, ISBN 1-904756-56-5. I bought this book for only € 3,50 on a market of "Centraal Boekhuis".